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The Di Francia Law Firm is an independent international business Law Firm. Among its customers there are several top ranked companies - from multinationals to SMEs - as well as investors and businesses, operating in a high number of industrial sectors.

The Firm has a strong and busy international presence and deep roots in the legal and business communities of the jurisdictions and markets where the Firm is established: Italy, Hungary, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The Di Francia Law Firm Italian Headquarter is located in Bologna, Palazzi Spada. Bologna is strategically located and served by a modern and efficient infrastructure system: the Guglielmo Marconi Airport is at a distance of just fifteen minutes from the Di Francia Law Firm’s Italian office.

The Di Francia Law Firm has been the first Italian Law Firm fully licensed to operate in the Emirate of Dubai. In UAE Di Francia Law Firm has two offices, including one in Dubai Mainland, operating under the name of “Di Francia Law Firm Dubai”.

In 2017 the Di Francia Law Firm Hungarian opened in Budapest under the name of “Di Francia Office Budapest”.

The team of professionals at the Di Francia Firm have developed an in-depth knowledge of the legal and business environment, the market and the economic, politics and social situation of the target geographical areas where the Firm is established and operates.

The Firm’s presence in Europe and in the Middle East markets makes the Firm the ideal "partner" for enterprises of all size and virtually operating in any sector interested in accessing the above overseas markets, reducing the legal risks associated with the internationalization process.

The Di Francia Law Firm provides legal support in various area of practice, including domestic general practice and commercial Law, business Law, corporate Law. The Di Francia Law Firm also provides legal support in all the phases of the internationalization process: from the identification of the most suitable legal entity to operate in the foreign target market to the export and custom matters.

The Firm also provides a wide range of legal services at the highest international standards, with reference to a large number of jurisdictions worldwide, including the US and China, through a network of well-established best-friendship agreements with primary international Law Firms.

The Di Francia Law Firm has adopted the best international standards, at the same time enhancing a personalized relationship with Customers. A special care is reserved to Customer services.

In all our international offices there is also a department for Family Law (divorces, international adoptions, trusts, etc.).

For a complete description of the sectors of activity visits the "Areas of Practice" section.

The Firm is active in promoting in Italy the ADR (Alternative Disputes Resolution) procedures.




Di Francia Law Firm - SME services

Di Francia Law Firm has twenty-five years of experience and work in Italy. In the Italian headquarter it offers a wide range of legal services for companies of all size, investors and families.

Particular attention is paid to small and medium-sized enterprises that constitute the backbone of the Italian system for which the Di Francia Law Firm has created special services, in the field of contracts, credit recovery, national and international, and preparation of corporate policies, compliance and civil and commercial litigation management. Internationally, the Di Francia Law Firm offers strategic and legal advice to the SMEs that want to access foreign markets.

In this way, the SMEs will be able to access to qualified services of which normally only large corporations’ benefit, tailored for the small and medium-sized enterprises also referring to the costs.

Lastly, the Di Francia Law Firm offers a very convenient and transparent billing method, suitable for family-sized companies.

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Tel. Italia  +39 051 332781
Fax. Italia +39 051 3399309

Tel. Dubai +971 4 5660383

Cell. Italia +39 334 7172966
Mob. Dubai +971 50  2473435 

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